Children's Book


Tales of Hawaiʻi are carefully woven into a beautiful rhyming scheme and matched with beautiful handpainted artwork to inspire little ones into dreams of vibrant adventure!

Our Little Adventurer


Every page
a masterpiece.

Every single page is a breathtaking piece of art, crafted with meticulous detail using acrylic and gouache paints.
Aloha Everything book cover

Beautiful poetry weaves
its way through every page.

Aloha Everything artfully blends Hawaiian with English and provides a thoughtful exploration of the meaning of Aloha in relation to the land, the people, and the lore.

There is also a collection of 20+ Hawaiian words that include definitions for those looking to learn more about the rich language.

Now all creatures, they roam, those that swim or that fly from the mountains to seas or mauka to makai.

A children’s book so beautiful that you’d keep it on your coffee table.
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